Exploritech and I have collaborated on my website for nearly 20 years…hmm, does that make me one of your first clients? I believe this recent launch was our third complete rebrand and I have to say, this one was the most daunting. Exploritech was very patient throughout the process. We started with the “big picture” where they provided some creative options on the overall design. We then collaborated on the numerous layouts and together we stayed the course down to the tiniest of details. No matter that my site has hundreds of photos in my portfolio the pricing for the site could not have covered the time that Exploritech put into the site.

The interior design industry is all about the visual; most potential clients will view a number of firms’ websites before landing on one or two to consider for their home design. As a result, I view my website as one of my most important marketing tools and am thrilled with this latest design. There was never a doubt that I would call on Exploritech yet again..they never disappoint!

Faith Fix Owner


We’re A Modest Bunch At Exploritech!

We’re pleased that our clients are able to say some nice things about us. Truth be told though, we believe we are the lucky ones. We get to work with really cool, extraordinarily clever people whose vast knowledge in industries outside of ours never ceases to amaze us. Our desire and commitment to building solid relationships with all of our clients is paramount to us.

And, don’t worry; we’re not a fair-weather friend. When you start a creative website project with us we don’t put any constraints or end dates on the support available. Think of us as your outsourced website team. Dependable and reassuring, it’s a comfort to know we’re always there for any future updates you might need. When we create your website, as you can see from the comments above, 
you are in good hands.

We Can Be Great Together!


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