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The stakes are high when you’ve got to get everything right with your digital footprint, and when you engage us to solve a business challenge, create a brand, or build customer loyalty, our very first duty is to listen. Of course we will be allied with you; however, the most important person in the world to us is your end-user, and getting inside your customers head is our priority. We’re fascinated in your plans, your business and the broader landscape in which you’re operating. We won’t go anywhere near a creative tool box until we have listened to everything you have to say because unearthing everything that lies beneath supports every creative and strategic decision.

You should know that we do understand the frustration of poorly performing digital, and we have witnessed how quickly inadequately designed platforms can impact a business. This means that we are not just after the new innovation, but the right innovation, for you, your brand, your markets and your business. Opening our ears so we can open our minds allows us to take that information and use it to offer creative website designs that your customers want to see, will be energized by, and more importantly, will take action.

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Always Learning, Improving, And Striving To Be The Best We Can Be

  • Exploritech set up shop in 1998 in Naples, Florida, quickly becoming the go to digital agency in Southwest Florida for website design, web development and digital marketing.

    When we started, the web was just learning to stand on its own two feet.  Google was becoming the new darling, there was no Twitter or Facebook, no YouTube or LinkedIn, no Instagram – the possibilities were endless.

    Years later, we are still inspired by the dynamic way in which the web continues to evolve, and we’re always on the lookout to see what’s around the next digital corner.

    Our team is an eclectic mix of enthusiastic web savvy geeks with mad skills in a variety of disciplines.  Although we are known for our digital smarts, we are also inventors, creators, and storytellers. We are obsessed with creating user friendly websites that are provocative, ignite meaning, increase traffic, generate revenue, and build strong brand recognition.

  • We provide web solutions to businesses of all sizes from around the world, providing bespoke website solutions in almost every industry.

    We are proud to boast that our collective core values have remained intact; create long term relationships, over deliver, be bold, honest, and imaginative. Best of all, we keep things simple and our customers love our fresh approach and the ease with which we operate.

    If you’d like to talk with Exploritech about your online project, we’re all ears and full of great ideas for your next step on the web.

    We Create Websites People Love!

our process



    Whether it’s something that came to you in a dream, or something you’ve been planning for years it all starts when we get that first email or phone call from you. No stone is left unturned as we ask you questions in order to understand your business, image, goals, budget, target markets, content requirements, reference sites, competitors, materials and desired outcomes. After we’ve learned about what you need, an initial proposal that includes pricing estimates will be prepared.

  • design


    Now we get to open our creative toolbox. Our team will produce initial design concepts to convey the overall look and feel for your website. This may require a number of rounds of feedback and revisions before the design concept is signed-off. Normally we do not design every page of the website as this would prove tremendously time consuming and costly. We will use the approved sample designs as a style guide that can be applied consistently throughout the site, and will adjust the page layouts to fit their content.

  • develop


    Now to the build! Once your awesome designs have been approved, the real website development begins. This technical production phase is where most of us get lost, except for our talented web page developers. They live for this. We’ll build a working system that mimics the final design with clean, seamless code. Your site is then deployed to a staging location where we’ll meticulously test its functionality, and place all of the required content assets.

  • deliver


    You’ve been waiting for this day. You’ve seen the design concepts, and maybe even bits and pieces of code. Now you get to play with it. We’ll hand the system over to you for review and testing. We’ll ask for your feedback so that we can make changes you might have. Once testing is complete, and final approval has been received, we’re good to go. All that remains is to hit the button.


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